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 Car Wash vs. A Detailing Service 

January 29, 2022

 So you want to take your car to a car wash, huh? Here's some factors that you should take in consideration. Did you know that the roller machine with the rubber Flaps at car washes scratches paint? Even the wash brushes that car washes have, scratches your vehicles paint. Even bad towels scratch perfect fine paint jobs. But people use towels and most car washes use machines. The difference is that a human can decrease pressure  while drying the vehicle but machines cant. A person can see if  a towel is wore down and needs to be replaced. A machine cant. Poor washing methods are the number one causes of swirling and small scratches that are seen in paint. The microfiber towel is the most important tool in your arsenal.  If you're washing your vehicle yourself be sure to buy quality microfiber towels  to reduce the chances of scratching the vehicle. Very important don't you agree?